The InfaTech Difference

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge and experience is what allows our tech team to do what they do and do it well. In addition to the wealth of knowledge and experience of our team of engineers and techies, we have an internal knowledge base full of technical information, fixes to common problems and instructions on how to set it up right, the first time. Our team are constantly sharing knowledge, upskilling themselves and engaging in technical training, ensuring they keep up with the ever-changing technology. This all leads to faster resolution of problems and lower IT service costs.


Keepin' It Kiwi

Kiwi's can't fly, so why would you want your data flying off overseas? All of our cloud services are hosted on servers, in data centres right here in little old New Zealand. Not only does this make them faster to access (a flight to the US is like 12 hours!) but it also protects the privacy and security of you and your customers, by ensuring the data is protected under New Zealand law. Our cloud services are fully supported by us here at InfaTech, so you won't spend hours on hold to a big international corporate.

Friendly Humans

Our team (including our engineers and techies) are all friendly and personable and explain things in plain english, so you can understand what we're talking about. We won't bore you with all the technobabble, unless you're into that kind of thing ;-)


We're in the Business of Information

In addition to all of our technical knowledge and experience, we have systems and processes in place to securely store information and notes about your specific IT systems and equipment. This includes things such as usernames and passwords, network and equipment details, serial numbers and specific notes and instructions for your IT systems. This ensures we're not having to waste time searching for passwords or other technical details. We also hold configuration backups for many IT devices, allowing us to easily replace or reconfigure a device without having to configure it from scratch.

More than Just the Sum of our Parts

When you engage with InfaTech, you get more than the sum of our parts, you get the full backing and support of a specialist IT service and solutions provider. We invest in specialist tools and IT infrastructure to make servicing and supporting IT systems quicker and easier. All of our technicians carry a full toolkit, including complementary consumables such as labels and cleaning wipes, as well as stock of commonly used cables and accessories. This ensures that, more often than not, we can complete a job the first time, without having to come back.

For complex and specialist systems and software, we engage regularly with specialist consultants and service providers. We also have a huge supply chain for new equipment and replacement parts, allowing us to source what you need. For our out-of-town customers, we have 'hands and feet' in several main centres around New Zealand. This allows us to provide service and support 'in the flesh' even out of Christchurch.

Don't Forget the Homework!

We pride ourselves on our homework and we think you'll give us an A+ as well. Whenever we provide any technical service, we send you a Service Report, detailing the work that was carried out and any notes relevant to that work. That way you know what's happening.

Tidy and Professional

A professionally installed and maintained IT system shouldn't have a bird's nest of cables going in every which direction. We pride ourselves in the professional and tidy installation of IT equipment and the associated cables. In addition to looking neat and tidy, properly installed cables are easier to service & maintain and are less likely to cause an issue in the future.

A One-Stop-Shop

IT (that's Infamation Technology in our dictionary) is complicated enough, without having loads of different providers, doing different things. Here at InfaTech, we provide a one-stop-shop for all of your IT and business telecommunications needs. That way you'll only have one provider and one bill. If anything goes wrong, you don't have to work out who to call, just call us and grab a cuppa while we get it sorted.

If you need a product or service that we don't provide, no problems. We can usually organise and coordinate it all for you. If there are any issues, just call us and we'll work out who to talk to to get it sorted pronto.

We believe IT should be hassle free, so why not leave it to us and let us sort it all for you?

Closing the Stable Door BEFORE the Horse Has Bolted

In the digital world, with cyber criminals becoming smarter and more aggressive as well as viruses and other malware coming from all directions, security is becoming more important than ever before. We take security very seriously and take a number of steps to ensure your IT systems and data is protected. We partner with Kaspersky, a market leader in security software to help protect our clients from viruses and other malware. However, when it comes to security, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. When designing and installing our IT solutions, we keep security front of mind and go the extra mile to make sure the door is locked and the alarm on.

Keepin' I.T. Simple

IT is complicated enough, without complex service and support options. We believe in keeping the service and support of IT simple and easy. We have a range of service offerings designed for Canterbury small to medium businesses and schools. We'll discuss your requirements with you and suggest the one service that'll suit you best.

Practical & Modern Solutions

Technology changes so rapidly it's hard to keep up-to-date with the latest, newest way of doing things. As a specialist IT solutions provider, it's our job to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technology. This ensures that we're designing solutions and doing things in a modern and efficient way, making the most of new technologies, not just doing it the way we've always done it. However, we're constantly testing and trying new technology and new ways of doing things to see if it stacks up, before recommending it to our customers. We won't recommend anything that we're not confident will work reliably for our customers. Just because it's new and exciting, doesn't mean to say it's better!