ICT and digital technologies are vital tools used by learners and educators alike throughout the modern learning environment.

Schools use these technologies in a very different way to that of a business or domestic user. It's important that service and support is provided by professionals that are experienced in and understand ICT in an education environment

With the widespread use and dependency on ICT and digital technologies, schools not only need basic service and support but professional management of their entire ICT systems and infrastructure. This ensures they are reliable and secure, which is all the more important in today's world where cybercrime is on the rise. Proper management of the entire ICT landscape ensures that this investment is maximised whilst protecting and securing data and infrastructure.

InfaTech has been working with Canterbury schools since 2006. We focus on providing full service, support and management of, devices and infrastructure in schools, making ICT fun, easy and effective. We offer a one-stop-shop for all your school's technology needs, making it easy to navigate the complicated and sometimes complex world of ICT. Allowing you to focus on the more important job of educating the next generation.

Our Technical Team

Our friendly technical service team are here to help with any ICT problems or questions. Their experience and knowledge of ICT in the education sector, along with the ability to convey technical information in plain English is an invaluable resource for our growing customer base.

Our technical team are experienced and very knowledgeable in the setup, configuration and support of Chromebooks and iPads as well as both Apple and Windows PC laptops and desktops. We manage and fully administer the TELA laptops for teachers Scheme for many of our schools. We can manage the ordering, return and repair of these laptops. As an N4L (Network for Learning)

Approved IT Support Company, our technicians are experienced in the configuration, support and use of the N4L managed network and it's associated content filtering system. Our technical team have extensive experience in the configuration and support of large local area networks (LANs), including Aerohive, Ruckus and UniFi wireless networks.

Our history in working with ICT in schools means our technical team have knowledge of software commonly used in schools, such as MUSAC Library Manager and AccessIt Library management systems, student management systems such as Assembly, eTAP and KAMAR and other software such as Google Classroom, Hapara and Mathletics.

  • Google Apps for Education
  • Google Chrome Management Console
  • Chromebooks
  • Chromecast
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)
  • Windows and Mac Servers
  • Mobile Device Management including the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Laptops and Desktops
  • Windows Laptops and Desktops
  • Multi-platform Networks
  • BYOD and 1:1 Computing
  • Network for Learning (N4L)
  • Network Switching and Infrastructure
  • Aerohive & Ruckus Wireless Networks
  • MUSAC and AccessIt Library Management Systems
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • IP Telecommunications (Phone Systems)

ICT Maintenance Service

InfaTech Solutions has worked with technology in schools since 2006. With our considerable experience, we know that supporting and maintaining ICT requires far more than just the reactive repair of faults or problems when they occur.

We believe in the proactive maintenance and management of ICT systems and our ICT maintenance service is built around this principle. We also believe in the support of the users of the technology (that's the humans) so that they can use the technology effectively and with confidence.

Our ICT maintenance service encompasses all that is required to effective management, service and support. This includes:

  • Regular scheduled onsite service from one of our friendly technicians
  • Remote support for day-to-day administration of your ICT system
  • Monitoring of your school's server/s for faults, issues or security breaches

ICT Advisory Service

In addition to the service and support of ICT, we provide an advisory service to schools around ICT strategy. We can conduct an audit of your school’s systems and equipment and provide recommendations on how best to secure and future proof your school's ICT. We can help your school in developing a long-term strategic plan to ensure ICT in your school is modern, up-to-date and well managed.

If your school is looking to develop a BYOD or 1:1 device strategy, we can provide advice on the device or devices, the impact on your existing infrastructure and help with the policies, procedures and pedagogy that wrap around the technology.

ICT Infrastructure Solutions

ICT infrastructure is the backbone of your school's entire ICT system. At InfaTech we're specialists in designing and installing ICT infrastructure for school networks, large and small, simple and complex.

We can design and install:

  • Managed Wireless Networks, including Aerohive and Ruckus
  • Wired Network Switching & Routing systems - Including the design and setup of Virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • Solutions for BYOD networks
  • Servers and Server solutions
  • Chromebooks
  • Desktop & Laptop Computers
  • Device Storage & Charing Solutions

Technology Procurement & Configuration

From a handful of Chromebooks to a complete specialist ICT room, InfaTech can supply, install and configure a wide range of digital technologies and devices. Our team will work with your school to help determine the right device or devices for your requirements as well as recommending any accessories such as cases, storage or management solutions.

In addition to the supply of the technology, our experienced technical team can install, configure, deploy and catalogue devices, getting them up and running so they can be used effectively.

InfaTech Partners with Equico to provide finance and leasing solutions to help schools acquire, protect and maintain technology.

IP Voice

A growing number of schools in Canterbury are enjoying the ease of use of our IP Business Phone Systems. Our IP Voice solution delivers flexible, reliable and crystal clear telephone calling throughout your school campus. Using a dedicated data network specifically for voice (the phone system) over your school's existing fibre and copper data cabling, an almost unlimited number of phones can be installed anywhere in the school. It's also very easy to expand and change the phone system throughout it's life, avoiding the cost of having to purchase a whole new phone system should your needs change.

External telephone calls are delivered over your schools UFB fibre connection using our Managed Voice Network. The Managed Voice Network ensures high quality and reliable telephone calling with the public telephone network, without being impacted by the use or load on your internet connection.

Our IP Business Phone Systems can provide your school with 21st Century Business Telecommunications features, including:

  • Call Queues
  • Integrated Music On-Hold
  • Automated Time Conditions
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Integrated Voicemail including Voicemail to Email
  • DDI (Direct Dial In) Numbers
  • Diversion and Transfer to Mobiles
  • On-Demand Conference Calling
  • Paging & Intercom
Education IP Voice Phones

Microsoft AEP