We're onto technology solutions

Technical Services at InfaTechInfaTech’s friendly, experienced and professional technical service team, ready to service all of your business’ IT requirements. With expertise in Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and multi-platform computer systems and networks, InfaTech can service the IT needs of business in all industries.

  • Friendly and professional service team who are easy to work with
  • Years of combined experience, backed up by our own comprehensive in-house technical knowledge base
  • Service standards defining normal practices, processes and software to ensure a consistent service regardless of the technician
  • Well equipped technicians, the right tool for the right job, ensuring swift and quality service
  • All service vehicles carry spare cables and commonly used accessories as well as complementary products for cable management, for tidy and professional installations
  • Plenty of loan networking equipment for quick replacement of faulty equipment while a permanent replacement is sought
  • Custom-designed customer and job management software and systems to capture technical details and notes for quick reference by technical staff, ensuring relevant information is available whenever required.

InfaTech provides two main types of technical service, On Demand and our premium Business Complete service.

On Demand

When you need us, we’ll be there!

  • No monthly or contract commitment
  • Pay for only what you need, no more, no less
  • Remote, onsite and workshop service available to suit any job
  • No job too big or too small

No Monthly Contract
Pay only for the service you need, when you need it. Our professional technicians charge only for the time and materials used to provide the service you require. There are no travel charges for onsite service within Christchurch.

Remote, Onsite and Workshop Service
As a full service IT company, InfaTech’s technical team provides service either remotely, onsite or at its specialist workshop, providing the best level of service to suit your requirements.

No Job too Big or Too Small
Our professional technical team is experienced in servicing networks from two to two hundred computers and everything in-between.

Business Complete

Complete IT service, support and maintenance for small to medium business. All for a fixed monthly fee!

  • Regular monthly visits from one of our friendly technical professionals
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Remote monitoring — detect problems before they impact your business
  • Backup monitoring — ensure your backup system is working as expected
  • 1-hour response to business critical-faults
  • Reduced after-hours service rates
  • Regular maintenance, extending the longevity of your IT investment
  • Reduced system downtime minimising interruptions to your business
  • A fixed monthly fee making budgeting easy

Regular Monthly Visits
Business Complete customers enjoy a regular monthly visit from their dedicated network administrator. Network administrators will perform regular maintenance tasks, resolve any minor problems that arise while they’re onsite and generally support your staff in the use of your business’s IT systems.

Unlimited Telephone and Email Support
Our technical team is available whenever you need them via both phone and email. With unlimited technical support, we can answer all of your questions and help you through any problems without worrying about additional support charges.

Remote Monitoring
Our powerful remote monitoring software is installed on all computers and servers in your business, to allow our technical team to monitor the day-to-day running of your IT systems and network, and identify problems before they impact on your business. Automatic alarms and notifications alert our technical team of situations that require attention and notify us of faults as soon as they occur.

Backup Monitoring & Integrity Testing
Backups are essential to any business IT system to protect the business from major data loss. Therefore it’s imperative that your business’s backup system is functioning correctly. Our technical team monitors your backup system/s to ensure they’re functioning normally and will resolve any backup issues should an error occur.

In addition to normal backup monitoring, as part of our regular maintenance schedule, our technical team will perform backup integrity tests, restoring a set of data from the backup system and testing it’s consistency. This ensures that the data being backed up is recoverable and consistent (i.e. not corrupt), giving you confidence that it’s there should you ever need it.

1-Hour Response for Business Critical Faults
Businesses rely on their IT systems, so when a fault is affecting critical business functions you can know We’re Onto IT with our 1-hour business-critical service. If a fault is effecting your critical business functions, our expert technical team will stop what they’re doing and get working on your fault within an hour. That’s fast service!

Reduced After-Hours Service Rates
Business Complete customers enjoy half-price after hours service for any business-critical faults that require urgent attention outside normal business hours.

Regular Maintenance
Like your car, your IT systems benefit from regular maintenance. A regular maintenance schedule covering all of your IT infrastructure and computing devices is carried out by our professional technicians. From keeping things up-to-date to clearing the dust out of your computers and everything in between, our scheduled maintenance plan helps to prolong the life of your IT investment.

Reduced System Downtime
Just like your car, a properly maintained IT system will function better, with fewer faults and reduced system downtime, which means fewer interruptions to your business’s normal day-to-day operations and better productivity.

A Fixed Monthly Fee
Business Complete is a subscription service based on the number of computers and servers used in your business. A fixed monthly fee provides certainty around your annual IT service costs for straightforward and easily budgeting.