We're onto technology solutions

A truly up-to-date telephony system recognizes that your people are constantly on the move — whether they are on your premises or not — and they need to be accessible 100% of the (i.e. your) time. An intelligently configured system will fully integrate your telephone network with all desktop and mobile devices for max connectivity wherever your people are.


When a call comes in, you must be able to transfer the caller to anywhere, no matter if it's in the office, a mobile device or a landline at an external location (a worker's work-from-home landline, for instance). Our systems do that in a snap.

We've got Direct Dial Numbers (DDIs) cracked as well. Incoming calls go straight to the person called — and can be diverted from that person's desk phone to their mobile if they're out. DDIs can also be presented during outbound calls so those called can directly and/or store your DDI.

And your people can have their voicemail messages emailed to them as an attachment (audio file) so they can retrieve and return voice messages from anywhere.

The possibilities are endless!

Easy to Use

That's a promise. We install only user-friendly, elegant and easy-to-use business phones. Operations such as call transfer are a piece of cake.

Yes, there are lots of fab features to grasp, but we provide any training required (although we find most people pick things up pretty quickly) — and leave everyone with a clever "cheat sheet" that gives a quick reference to the most commonly used operations.


Don't let your phone system restrict the number of calls/lines you can have. Our systems are future-proofed in terms of your business growth. They manage from 5 to 50 calls/lines out of the box (with further expandability available), so you don't need to be over-equipped at the beginning. The system can grow with your business, starting small and expanding as your business does.

And ... our systems support multiple locations — bringing all your branches into one phone system!


Our phone systems are built for business from the ground up, and are expertly installed and configured for your unique situation. We select only quality hardware and componentry from world-leading manufacturers. On the rare occasion when there is an issue, you can be assured of service and support (in Christchurch) — we aim for response within one hour for urgent calls.