We're onto technology solutions

business-solutionsWe'll work with you to understand your requirements. We'll design and install, and then help you implement, the best solution for your needs.

We do 'ground-up' solutions to address any requirement. From new installations through deep-down system extensions to complete IT system/network builds/rebuilds, we will do it cost-effectively.

Our engineers, not sales people, design the solutions — people who know how the system will be implemented and will in the consultation and design phase take note of every important detail such as which payroll package you use.

There's no obligation to use all of our services: choose just what you need, changing as your business requirements evolve — and we can work in with your existing providers if need be.

Neither are we complete know-alls: if specialist input is required we know the best consultants to call — and we're very happy to work alongside your proprietary software support people.

Server upgrades, installations and migrations

We'll bring your system right up to date, with the best gear for the job. We install only server-grade hardware, equipment that's built to keep working hard, year in, year out. We're not box sellers — we don't install off-the-shelf "solutions" and then leave you to it. We tailor the installation to your precise needs. If we think your system requires both IBM and HP components, that's what we install and support.

Wireless networks and mobility solutions

We install Aerohive or Ruckus enterprise-grade managed wireless networking technology, whichever best suits your situation. Full integration of any mobile devices in the network is assured.

Multi-office solutions

We'll connect your separately-located offices together in one big network for better inter-office collaboration. Because we manage your entire internet system, you get the best possible performance from all connections.

Work-from-home solutions

For employees working from home, we'll ensure they have full and seamless access to all IT functions — just as if they were working in your premises — even down to a phone connected directly to your internal telephony system.

Custom-designed solutions

Your IT requirement is like nobody else's. You have systems and procedures that are unique to your business — it's another case where "off-the-shelf" won't cut it. We scope your entire requirement and configure your IT environment to your needs, so it does everything to need, how you need it. It's all about listening to the detail and then designing what will work best for everyone on your team.