We're onto technology solutions

Working the Internet and the CloudWe know how the Internet and "The Cloud" can work for you and your business. We'll advise on the cloud services most appropriate for you, and we'll set them up for you.

We install and maintain your entire system from your backup in the Cloud right back to the email and web browsing tools on all your employees' desktop and mobile devices. There's no being fobbed off from one service supplier to another — we support the entire system.

Cloud Backup

We use fully replicated backup systems, which means if one data centre experiences issues, your data is still intact in other centres. A major benefit of Cloud backup is that it happens invisibly and immediately — there's no tedious copying of discs and manually storing them off-site. And your data stays right here in New Zealand: our Cloud services are all hosted in Christchurch for fast access, data security and coverage by New Zealand law.

Web and Email Hosting

You don't need any other "internet provider". As a holistic IT supplier, we supply and maintain everything in your system, including hosting your web and email connections. Adding new email addresses and other routine chores are a breeze. And when there's an issue, there's only one phone call to make (if we haven't remotely detected the issue already).

Cloud-Hosted Exchange

Cross-platform email, calendar and contacts, and their integration with MS Outlook, Apple Mail or whatever other tools your staff use, can be problematic — but not with us! Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhones and iPads and others can all access the same data for full enterprise-wide integration.

Google Apps for Business

Our education-sector experience positions us right at home in servicing networks where 200-plus users are accessing and collaborating with Google Apps, so deployment of these on-line apps in your business is a straightforward process.

Business-Class Internet!

We can install high-speed, unlimited/unmetered internet connections designed for businesses — ADSL, VDSL and fibre connectivity throughout the country (wherever available). High-speed connections ensure maximum performance of the services listed above without any worry of exceeding expensive data caps.